Blockchain for the Pharma Supply Chain

Though effective supply chain management is the biggest challenge in every industry, in healthcare, there is additional risk and complexity, as a compromised supply chain in healthcare can affect the patient’s safety.

Experts have estimated the sale of counterfeit drugs to be twice of the rate of legal pharmaceutical trade, which is a serious issue.

The pharma blockchain holds the potential to enhance security, integrity, data provenance, and the functionality of the supply chains with its transparent, immutable and auditable nature. This will enable Batch Traceability in real time and serialization.

Kool-ex in association with one of India’s largest IT company, is working to remodel tracking & accountability in the shipping of goods from source to consumption.

Blockchain in Pharma Supply Chain will not only reduce counterfeiting & theft issues but also help manage inventory. A pilot is underway & we will announce the partnership shortly.